Our Hospice Services

Many families sign up for hospice not knowing exactly what services are included or what to expect. Hospice is not an everyday service or experience, so it can come with a lot of uncertainty. Best Hospice Care of Texas develops an individual plan specifically designed to work for you and your family. We understand the importance in providing you the guidance to make those decisions easier and before a time of crisis. That’s why we have a diverse team of experienced professionals to offer a broad range of services.


What Are The 4 Levels of Care?



  • Specially trained nurses
  • Personalized and compassionate care
  • Caregiver education and ease of anxiety
  • Assistance with life-limiting illnesses
  • Spend the last days, months or years in comfort
  • Open lines of communication
  • A best plan of care continually updated
  • Hospice aides offering personal care services
  • Carefully vetted volunteers and companionship
  • Attention to your individual bereavement needs


  • Temporary inpatient care in a hospital or care facility, when necessary, to treat pain or other acute symptoms, when routine home care or continuous care is not sufficient
  • A team member coordinates care with hospital staff
  • Aimed at making the patient comfortable then transitioning back to home setting
  • Includes daily visits by a team member to ensure services are provided according to hospice plan of care


  • Allows for the patient to be placed in an inpatient setting for up to five days to give family/caregiver relief and prevent caregiver fatigue
  • Hospice will coordinate care with inpatient team to ensure continuity of care


  • One-on-one nurse and nurse aide care provided in the home setting during brief periods of crisis for pain control and acute symptom management