The Hospice Experience

Compassion, Comfort and Guidance for every family member.

Hospice is a concept of comfort care customized to the individual needs and lifestyle of each person but it can be very confusing to understand the process and what it involves. Below we walk you through the process helping you learn what to expect and navigate the ins and outs of hospice care. Be prepared before the time of crisis.

Crossing The Creek

Crossing the Creek

This book helps people understand the dying process i.e. what is happening, and why. We wonder about death; what it is and what it will do to us? In his book, Michael Holmes gives a general description of what we can expect to encounter during the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual processes that dying people undergo as they transition from life into death, in an understandable and helpful way.

Michael Holmes, formerly committed caregiver and hospice nurse, doesn?t pull punches about the dying process, but he still conveys a sense of acceptance, faith and compassion which has brought comfort to many people. In his words: ?The dying process is about life?it teaches us how to live?.

For more information go to: Crossing the Creek.